Angels and Guides eBook

Angels and Guides eBook


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"The Mushaba Method" Many people assume that contacting and working with spirit guides and angels requires some really special talent. Some people feel that you have to be a prophet or born with some special God given talent. However, you do not. It is simply a matter of being receptive to receiving the guidance that is always available to whoever wants it. There is no magic formula or process to this. Communicating with Angels and guides is not difficult. There are a myriad of ways to contact, communicate and tune in with Angels and guides especially your own guardian angels and personal guides. Our focus in this book is the Mushaba Method of contacting angels and guides. We provider simple and easy methods of making contact as well as give some very important information regarding these beautiful loving beings that will enlighten! There is an angel for just about anything you can imagine! Guides are all around all the time. Its a matter of trusting in yourself and knowing that you have what it takes to make this contact! I expect that this information will bring a more thorough understanding and closeness to the worlds of Angels and Guides!


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