When Worlds Collide T-Shirt

When Worlds Collide T-Shirt


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    When Worlds Collide

    Besides his best selling book “Ascended Masters of Color- Ascended Beings of Light” This new book is most important work to date. It addresses something that humanity has lacked a thorough knowledge of since not only the advent of slavery, but since the beginning of humanity on earth. The real truth historical and otherwise has never been written and shared with all of humanity. Just like most of human history, the truth has not been told and the truth has been manipulated for the controllers of earth and humanity to meet their dark agenda, Both the Black and White races have been victims of this agenda. For the first time in human history, the truth of who the black race are, where did they come from, and what purpose did they serve by coming into the second universe from the first. It is important for all of humanity to understand the truth so that the human society can heal and move forward into full ascension. Its time for us to be our brothers and our sisters keeper and end this madness of race hatred because of skin color. The truth has never been told before now or why this race of beings choose to go into slavery.
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