Magical Mystical Rocks. LARGE

Magical Mystical Rocks. LARGE


Aulmauracite Power Rock – (2 rocks per order) Each Power Rock is unique, and customizes itself to the energies and life’s mission statement of its user. Your spiritual quest and mission becomes its quest and mission if activated and used properly with benevolence and integrity.

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This information is taken from Laura Lee Mistycah at http://www.firstwaveindigos.com

The Magical Mystical Stone of Truth & Justice

It all began .....

Many, many, many moons ago, a magnificent and benevolent Starship visited this planet to give us an impeccable gift. This gift was to be buried and remain there, concealed deep within the earth, awaiting its activation.

The secrets and mystery surrounding this gift, and its location, were kept cloaked and silent. Voluntary Guardians were assigned to maintain security and protection, for this gift possessed many sacred and magical elements and capabilities. The stewardship and constant surveillance were top priority, and only the most impeccable Beings were qualified to be "stewards".


They knew that in the future, this world and its consciousness would begin deteriorating and polluting so rapidly, it would reach the point of extinction. They knew that without some intervention, the dream, the planet and her inhabitants, would become so ill, so terrified, and numb ……that the dreamers who kept it alive would forget their dreams of love, and compassion, their dreams of honor, truth, and integrity ……and especially their dreams of passion and romance! If this were to continue for very long, the whole of it would implode and perish and a once beautiful and majestic planet would literally cease to exist!


To ensure a high probability of a successful mission, within this gift was placed a cosmic timer, designed to activate its powers of love, truth, and magic! This cosmic timer was pre-programmed to ring at a time after certain Beings (who were also pre-encoded with its ancient knowledge and how to use it) had already arrived on this planet. They would instinctively know what to do with this gift, and when their personal timer would go off inside of them, they would, on some level or other, go searching for it.


This gift has a name. It is called Aurauralite-Aulmauracite, and if you feel a tingle or magnetic pull toward this name and this story, it may be your own alarm ringing, telling you, "you have arrived and your search is over!"



is a beautiful, majestic, black sparkly rock

Aulmauracite Power Rock - Each Power Rock is unique, and customizes itself to the energies and life’s mission statement of its user. Your spiritual quest and mission becomes its quest and mission if activated and used properly with benevolence and integrity.

Don't allow any plastics or synthetic materials to encase your "Pet Rock." This advanced life form gets smothered by these un-natural materials and will go dormant.

Aurauralite is the sparkly dust from the Rock th


This is what it does:


Listen to your problems and help you create "win-win" solutions.

Help you get where you need to be, when you need to be there.

Show you where you’ve made a mess so you can clean it up.

Take you to the proper professional when you need a "TRUTH EXTRACTION," (Especially in the case of "WISDOM TRUTH EXTRACTIONS") and then stay constantly by your side when you are recovering and healing from the trauma.


Lovingly support you in your goals and aspirations.

Shine "light" on things you couldn’t see before or may have over-looked.

Have an unlimited supply of energy, and never get tired or worn out.

Are always beautiful and attractive, no matter what time of day or night.

Show you how to take full responsibility for yourself, your wonderful (or not so wonderful) creations, your actions (or reactions), and learn from every outcome or consequence. They then help you arrange or rearrange these creations to make them all useful.


Have the highest honor and integrity. You can not coerce, manipulate, or buy allegiance…… and they know in a flash when there is any insincerity, ulterior motives, and "sucking-up!"


Have the ability to cultivate and inspire you to manifest things you previously thought were impossible!


Create an "at home" feeling anywhere they may be or go.

Are always there when you need grounding, comforting, and stabilizing.


Some of the more scientific qualities of this rock that we

have discovered, have been absolutely astounding

as it has properties that are literally "Out Of This World.

  • Assay testing revealed that Aulmauracite is 58% iron (in a form that does not oxidize/rust.) The other 42% consists of 72 other elements, including all the noble metals (plus some that are foreign to this planet!) It appears that the ratio of these elements in relationship to each other gives this "Power Rock" its unusual properties.
  • It has its own power source and its own ground…..that’s not of this world.
  • It is a high-powered broadcaster that beefs up the volume of whatever you’re trying to broadcast, whether a desire or intention, or whether it’s being used to amplify Tesla technology.
  • It custom-designs itself to the user to assist them with their benevolent intentions.
  • When someone tries to use it for unethical or UN-loving intentions….it has its own internal ethical code and will shut off its power and go temporarily dormant …..it won’t get involved!
  • It puts its owner or user on their best destiny path, which almost always alters their lives, and brings about some very dramatic changes when they get their rock!
  • When you pass it around a room of people, this Power Rock won’t pick up and hold their psychic debris like crystals do, instead it neutralizes it and grounds it out, therefore you don’t have to clean it! It’s extremely "user friendly."
  • Aulmauracite is a very intelligent rock, but You and Your Higher Self are the power source that activates its energies…it simply will wait for you to give it a job, and the more you use it, the happier it is, and the better it works.
  • Sometimes you may not know when you give it a job……some of its commands may come directly from Your Higher Self and you may not be aware of it immediately. For instance, when most people pick it up, it usually goes to work balancing their energy and holographic fields, opening up their psychic centers, and when they begin to work with it, they automatically lock on to their best destiny paths!
  • It doesn’t like to be encased in plastic or synthetic material because that smothers it and therefore, deadens its signal.
  • When you acquire one of these rocks or the dust, truth automatically begins to surface and manifest in your life. This may or may not be a welcome addition to your life, if you’re not willing and ready for the blatant reality of truth to shine big and bright, in your face, right there in front of you!

More information about these special beautiful rocks:

The Almuracite Rocks - The Being Joshua


These are very, very interesting specimens of rock. This may sound strange to you but they can also be used for teleportation, yes, exactly, wow! When a person is holding a rock in their hand, in the pocket, around the neck as in a pendant, or at least on them somewhere, and that person is ready to attempt a teleportation or even astral travel, this rock will help because it has different vibratory properties and it interacts with the properties of a human being. And your right, it does have magical qualities to it. Experiment with it because you will find that it is very helpful in the coming days as one drops there heavy carbon based body and the body takes on the crystalline. This rock will be very helpful to the crystalline aspect of the human body It will interact with it better than it would with someone who is thoroughly carbon based and is going to stay more or less in the third dimensional frequency. In fact, if you would intuit that the person is really 3D and is not going to ascend in consciousness, it would be wiser not to give it to that person.   Because this is a gift, let's just call it, this is a gift form the Gods! Used wisely it would certainly be of great help. You might find by putting it under your pillow you will might better dreams. Now, depending on the size of the rock, you may want to also (for you especially), put one at each corner of the bed, perhaps under the bed or wherever you are led to do so. But by doing so, not only will this help the dream state, it will bring greater health to you and it will give you a better ability to partake and to remember. These are to be experimented with.


This information is from another one of the Galactic beings that Mushaba Family works with by the name of Commander Altros, of the Mother-ship Nexus:


Altros: I wish to add some info to what you already have received from the various others who have so wonderfully given what they know. What I am to tell you is one piece of information that can tie it all together. First of all I will say that there is something that has to be a part of the protiocal because it is the adjoining piece of info that brings it all into one. It is that Mushaba called you all into the knowing in the purpose of bringing the info, even if needed without the rocks for the reason of them not being available.


The info is that as the rocks have been deposited in earth, they emited forth their energy into every particle of the earth in the same way as the Force was deposited. It was a matter of being in the oneness of themselves and then sharing that oneness through the energy of the Force and allowing it to transmit forth through all of beingness on earth, as well as out into the universe. Once the energy was triggered by the energy of acceptance of the eventual destiny of the ones who carry it, then it became active. It is now within every being on earth and those in the universe who have been on earth at any time since the earth became inhabited. This is the gift of the rocks to all of creation, for it is not limited in it’s ability to give itself to all of existance.


This means in the present picture that it is giving the go ahead for itself to be tuned into because it is part of what was used to create the Mushaba Force. The rest of what was used gave permission for it to be tapped into at the appropriate times for it to give of itself in the interest of the energy to be complete, as is asked for by those who carry its energy.


The rocks and Pendants


In addition to what has been received already, These rocks and the rock dust originates from the first universe as did all things. It was a thought, an idea same as it was in bringing forward the second universe for physical dual expression. These rocks being that they are a part of creating the Mushaba Force which You Anakhanda used when you call the force out of the pool of original force. The rocks carry that same original force within it as the Mushaba Force, You see, you sprinkled the dust into and mixed it with the original force as you called it into being. It formulated itself along with other elements, the force of freedom and empowerment. It also contained the Mushaba Magic built in if you will. It was brought into beingness in physical expression in the Andromeda Galaxy and it is plentiful there especially on Mushaba 1 which is the biggest source of the rock. By calling the activation of it within your being, you can actually see with spiritual vision the sparkling of the rock dust and the Mushaba force throughout your being! "These rocks being that they are a part of creating the Mushaba Force which You Anakhanda used when you call the Force out of the pool of original force. The rocks carry that same original force within it as the Mushaba Force, You see, you sprinkled the dust into and mixed it with the original force as you called it into being."


What I would like to clarify for you is that you were part of the creation of the different things that would be used in the duality experience on earth. As you came into being you were able to see and understand what the energies would be that would govern the experience. In so doing you were able to see that the dust from the 1st universe stones had to be mixed with the dust from the 2nd universe. In so doing you were able to combine the two energies into one, and with the knowing of the ability of it to be able to express individually, as what you might consider twin flames of the rocks, and the opposing view of what would come about through the experience, and render it only that of illusion. In this way, you are now bringing into the energy of the ascension that ability to see the difference and still be in the Oneness.



According to the being "Mushaba" Leader of the Mushaba People,

Mushaba: "A star ship that visited earth is the star ship Nexus from planet Mushaba-1in the  Andromeda Star System. The beings that were the guardians were the Mushaba People." Laura of course is one of those people that were to awaken to these rocks to bring forward for the rest of us to remember!


I was also given this information from Mushaba through my dear sister Nancy Tate at www.treeofthegoldenlight.com


Mushaba: "These rocks were brought into the Pleiades Star System of the Seven Sisters to the Planet Mushaba located in that system."


I was also told by Mushaba that: "These rocks are from planet Mushaba-1 in the Andromeda System and they are one of the several Mushaba Rocks that will be used that contains elements of the pool of original force from whence the Mushaba Force has come. There is yet more information to come concerning this."


The thing is when I first read about this rock, I immediately felt the strong knowing that these rocks came from Home, form Planet Mushaba.



These very magical Rocks and Pendants are available at:




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