Galactci Soul Clearing, Healing, & Retrieval  Protocol

Galactci Soul Clearing, Healing, & Retrieval Protocol




This is a very involved and very intense session. A lot is uncovered and cleared. You will receive a report once the session has been completed. During the session, you need to do nothing in particular and can go about your day or evening. This energy works extremely powerful without the one being cleared being aware of what is going on. What I mean by that is that you do not know the full depth of the work beings performed. This clearing goes not only through past and present lives, but all the way back to the moment you came into existence as a spark. When you get cleared it affects your entire soul group and lineage! Sometimes when your focus is on something, your mind and awareness is occupied and the clearing can be much more effective.
In going through this Soul Clearing Protocol, things show up that may have been hidden for millions of years. You get down to the crux, the core of your soul’s issues. It shows any attachments, any energies or entities that may be around you or interfering with you that need to be removed, it shows up things that have been a burden to you without your knowing it. It deals with family issues and generational issues, it shows where health issues are based at as well as what may be blocking you from your greater evolvement, or interfering in it or your opening to your higher abilities etc. It covers a variety of things far beyond what I have mentioned here. I have witnessed this same clearing protocol clear entire planets, and races of beings, councils, Gods and Goddesses, Creators, etc. all throughout the universe. I have witnessed its great power to transform. This clearing will begin to be taught to certain beings in the universe. I am also personally on the clearing team, along with Creator, Mushaba and a lot of highly advanced beings who have been cleared themselves of galactic issues that they have been carrying for millions of years. Problems have been solved that was not able to be solved for millions of years and this clearing shows them up and where they are hidden.