Money Creation & Manifestation Training Level 1 – DVD

Money Creation & Manifestation Training Level 1 – DVD


This is our moment and it is supported by all the forces of creation. No one has to be victim to the financial crises that is taking place.  Many times, it is our thinking, beliefs and perception that holds us back from moving forward into financial abundance and success in all areas of our lives. We will give some very valuable information in this training that can have a powerful affect on your ability to create and manifest your dreams.



                                    Money - What is it really?

Most people believe that they know what money is. Since most people feel that they in fact know exactly what money is, this creates all kinds of thoughts and beliefs around money and its use. I understand that all of you would love to have a more abundant flow of this energy called money. You would also like to understand how to stop giving money power and control over you and your life. You are the one that controls money not the other way around even though it may seem so at times. If you wish to attract more of the energy flow of money into your life, you will need to make energetic adjustments within your own thoughts and beliefs.

Living in poverty and struggle does not serve your highest good. It does not bring you joy or happiness at least I hope it doesn’t.

The concept of the taking of a vow of poverty originated from the lower frequency bands of fear and the basis of this is that the wealth and possessions of the material would corrupts a person who is walking on their spiritual path. This has kept people connected to the old energies and you are not in the old energies anymore and it all boils down to fear. This is the old energy that you must move beyond in order to experience love, joy and abundance in your life. The belief systems and patterns of old energy run deep and these fears must be released from your being, your energy matrix.

Join us as we embark on an education about what Money really is. This can change everything for you and open your flow to financial independence. Once your perceptions are clear, you can change the way money enters and works in your life forever!