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The Mushaba Alchemy and Transformation Training Course DOWNLOAD

The Mushaba Alchemy and Transformation Training Course DOWNLOAD


This course teaches you how to attain personal Freedom and Empowerment by understanding how fear sets destructive forces in action in your life through many avenues.
This training is one of the most powerful teachings that is said to be the foundation to all higher learning in any field of knowledge. This training is truly powerfully life changing. This training will assist in understanding and identifying the root cause of what has been keeping you from being truly who you are, from progressing in life to experience abundance and manifestation of your desires.

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  Introduction To Alchemy And Transformation

                         This course is called Alchemy and Transformation.

                                                    What is alchemy? 

                              It means to change from one state to another.

             Transformation means to transform into something new from the old

This training is about you changing yourself and transforming yourself into something new and different. It is about you changing and transforming your old beliefs and programming that no longer serve you and what is working against your greater good.

            You are really changing and transforming yourself into the real you!


You have been something that is not the real you. People have searched and are still searching far and wide for knowledge that will help them change and transform themselves into a person who has mastered their life and circumstances. They want knowledge to help them change and transform their old rotten belief system that has worked against them all of their lives and interfered in their life of happiness, joy, love, success, wealth, and mastery. It will help you to be the master of your destiny. 

 It sounds incredible to some but the fact remains that it is truth. It was never meant to be so hard for people to understand the simplicities of life. People have accepted certain things as laws in their lives, as truth, as the beliefs that they built their rock of faith.

You know it to be true, that we have been lied to and misled down a hopeless pathway. We have never been given the correct knowledge that will free us and give us freedom and empowerment! It has been there but hidden and not commonly known. You simply must seek what attracts you and if this is such an attraction then you will be the master as you follow the principles presented in this body of knowledge.

 We have been trapped in the lies and illusions of life and have been the victims of what we accepted as truth. We have based much of our belief system around lies, illusions, and games. We have been readily available to accept basically whatever we are told by those in authority particularly the authority of religion.

People are fed up and have had enough for a long time and want to, once and for all, get through it and get it done! You are tired of the lack of success, of happiness, of joy, of true lasting love. You are tired of the fear that drives people nearly insane with problems, anger, and circumstances that only add to the deep drama of pain and fear.

The cry has been sent out time and time again and it has been answered time and time again. But the answer is not always heard or recognized. We look for answers in a particular way and if it does not come that particular way, we do not see or hear it or recognize it for its value in our lives.


The Mushaba Alchemy and Transformation will teach you:

The knowledge of how to take back your power and experience the life that you were meant to live will clear you of many illusions and set you on a course of growth and mastery that will end in total triumph.



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