Mushaba Wand Training Level 1 – Download

Mushaba Wand Training Level 1 – Download


The reason why we offer a training on the Mushaba Wands is, for the purposes of teaching you the power of this harnessed energy because it is powerful. You are using powerful creation forces and the power of original force. There are certain things to do to fully initiate and activate your wand and you for your use of it. The wand training isn’t a 3 hr. training but that isn’t necessary. It’s what is being done during the training that is of most importance not how long it is. The wand is a very deeply powerful, spiritual entity that can do amazing things. However, this will all be discussed during the wand training.



In the Mushaba wand training you will find out that wands can't be fitted into a rational, scientific, limited, intellectual box. Wands are objects made to move and remove the boundaries between the mundane and the sacred. They are objects of creation, of power, of fantasy made real.

You will learn how to use your wand as a tool to focus and direct energy.And learn to use it to enhance and focus your energy while meditating, to create and charge grids, objects or water, for healing, and for massage, or even to facilitate spiritual travels. You will also learn to use your wands to direct intention as in remote healing work or to empower affirmations, manifestations, and elixirs.

Wands may also be used to symbolically and energetically cut or dissolve blocks and negative cords and energies or to create and or mark energetic boundaries. Some wands are used as symbols of authority. These are usually a smaller version of a scepter or staff which are traditional symbols of power, authority or office.

The energy projected by the wand replaces the physical protection or defense symbolized by weapons. Some people use wands as a kind of a crystal grid having them made or dedicated for a purpose such as bringing in love or money or enhancing meditation.