Mushaba Wand Training Level 2 – DVD

Mushaba Wand Training Level 2 – DVD


Always remember that you cannot fit this training into a rational, scientific or intellectual box because the use of the wand defies all of that. It is coming from a source that cannot be identified by earth science including that of astrophysics which is a branch of astronomy dealing especially with the behavior, physical properties, and dynamic processes of celestial objects and phenomena.



Now in level-2, we move on to a higher level of training and use of your very powerful Mushaba Wand. The knowledge and wisdom that is shared within this training is precious and will give you access to greater power and a deeper more intimate connection with your wand. The knowledge provided is beyond what can be found readily available among any wand training and information that is available today.

Your wand is now more eager than ever to work with you as a partner in the many things that it can accomplish and the many uses that has to offer. The power of the Mushaba Wand must be respected and used with great integrity and love which is always the foundation for using any of the Mushaba Training Techniques and Processes. We are not dealing with some little hocus pocus magic here. We are dealing with and using the power of the Mushaba Energy which is the power of the original force of all creation. You will get to meet and know more of the Mushaba Wand Masters as well as discovering something very crucial about your study when visiting the Mushaba Temple of the Wand Masters.