Mushaba Wand Training Level 3 – DVD

Mushaba Wand Training Level 3 – DVD


The simplicity of the wand movements and processes is what makes them so profound and powerfully effective. They will do what they are meant to accomplish providing you are in the readiness for it. Prepare your mind and body for the awesome experience of your level-3 training. There are no limitations to what “you” can accomplish. I now welcome you to the next leg of a great journey in the world of the Mushaba Wand!



In Level-3 of your wand training, you will step into an entirely new dimension of training and learning how to use your wand for much higher level services. What you will accomplish in this level is nothing short of amazing and with practice; you will open to the magic and miracles of your wand. By now, you have a much stronger and more intimate personal relationship with your wand and the being of the wand. You should be very comfortable in working with your wand and be in constant communication with the being of your wand. This is vital because at this level you will delve into a realm that hasn’t been explored before on earth. These parameters have never been explored before concerning the use of the wand. The guidance of the being of your wand will be of the utmost importance. Knowing the energy of your wand is also of the utmost importance and combined, both the energy and being of your wand is most valuable in how you are able to use the power of your wand.